Commerce Warrnambool

A world-ready Warrnambool

Commerce Warrnambool was formed to support and foster the economic wellbeing of the City of Warrnambool and surrounds. We will do this in the following ways:

  • Seek to be a positive voice for Warrnambool, ‘talking up’ the many advantages of doing business in our city.
  • Advocate to local and state government about issues impacting the Warrnambool business community.
  • Form mutually beneficial collaborative alliances within and outside our region.
  • Create professional development opportunities for our members.
  • Ensure our members have opportunity to learn about and connect with the global marketplace.
  • Create and facilitate networking opportunities for our members.
  • Provide a platform for new partnerships and collaboration.
  • Seek to inspire and motivate Warrnambool business operators.
  • Provide mentoring opportunities.


Commerce Warrnambool

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